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Tiny tiny steps forwards

Two good things this week. Yesterday I finally received the letter from the hospital to say that the annoying wart they removed from my upper lip in August was just a benign wart. No one had suggested it was anything else, but there's always a smidgen of worry until the results of the test come through.

Second good thing is that I should be collecting the new car tomorrow. It's a 5 year-old Skoda Yeti and bigger than I'd planned to get, but as I was looking it over last week and taking it for a test drive, it did occur to me that the reason I failed my driving test 3 times when I was young was at least partly because I felt intimidated because the driving school cars were Minis and everything was bigger than me. As I've been used to driving a Daihatsu 4x4 for the last few years, a small hatchback might not help my confidence.

Anyway, I've taken the Daihatsu to the car wash and given it a good scrub. I've wiped around the interior and vacuumed and swept the driver's side of the footwell. Then it started raining, so I'll finish the cleaning tomorrow and take it to the garage in the afternoon where I hope we can complete the sale and I can take the Yeti home.

The garage is only about 100 metres away from our house and he only sold us the Daihatsu on condition that we'd sell it back to him when we no longer wanted it. So with luck the paperwork can be sorted out over the next couple of days and I'll be able to start getting used to our new car.

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