Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

New car! Shiny!

I collected the shiny new[*] Skoda Yeti and drove it the very short distance home. I am now mentally exhausted after agreeing the price, doing the paperwork for change of ownership, changing the insurance, and paying the vehicle tax.

I now have to learn where everything is. I've managed to adjust the wing mirrors, work out how to open the cover to access the filler cap, and briefly got the tailgate stuck shut because I hadn't closed it firmly enough. Eventually I worked out that leaning on it while pressing the zapper might do the trick, and it did.

Still to work out: How to unlock the rear doors (child-proof lock which is currently also Helen proof), how to use the radio and a myriad of other things that I will take one at a time.

Next step is to fill it with diesel and take it for a little outing tomorrow while the weather is fine to get used to it before driving to Llanberis on Saturday to meet old friends.

[*] New to me, it's actually 5 years old.
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