Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A quick post

Nearly forgot my "at least one sentence per day" journalling challenge.

Today I used the car for my usual Friday activities. First, because it was tipping down with rain and very gloomy, I had to check with the manual that I had guessed the right controls for the windscreen wipers and lights. Then I drove up to see my 96 year-old friend. The Yeti made nothing of the steep hill that the Daihatsu tended to labour up. After a cup of tea, a chat and helping with the crossword and word puzzles in the Independent, I drove down to the Co-op and did the usual big shop.

When the rain finally stopped this afternoon, I put back all the things I'd taken out of the old vehicle: the road atlas, de-icing spray, cloths to wipe condensation from the windows, plastic ice scrapers, the shopping bags that live on the back seat in case we do any unexpected shopping, the hand sanitizer, the purse with coins for paying for car parks, the first aid kit, and the torch.

We are now ready to tackle a longer journey tomorrow.

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