Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Kissing Gate

I'm trying to prise myself away from Twitter because it's not helpful to just keep reading the same Brexit arguments rehashed eternally. It's doing my mental health no good. Instead I'm trying to post more here where things are more peaceful.

As I think I already mentioned, I recently joined a Habitica challenge to write at least one sentence in some sort of journal every day for a month. This will be the 19th consecutive entry here on LJ since taking on the challenge. I've also kept up with the Weekly Alphabet Photo challenge on Flickr and yesterday I managed to dodge the showers and went for a nice walk looking for something for this week's theme.

41/52 for the group 2019 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: O is for Open

Kissing gates are both open and closed. They allow humans to pass through but sheep are unable to pass through them.

Kissing Gate

I'm also thinking about doing another 365 photo-a-day challenge for 2020. That will be exactly 10 years since I did it for the first time. It would actually be easier now because my phone has such a good camera these days so I will always have some sort of camera with me. To get started, I'm planning on doing a photo-a-day through November. Once upon a time, I used to do a photo every day for the 30-day months of April, June, September and November. It was less intensive than a full 365 and had the advantage of encouraging me to take photos in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

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