Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Friday language learning update

I'm back into the routine of regular Welsh practice with the Monday class, Wednesday chat and the Thursday Skype call. I did a Spanish challenge last Tuesday and hoped to do another one today, but I'm feeling too tired now. That will be my priority for the weekend. I've also made some flashcards for the Spanish phrases that just will not stick. Let's see if that helps.

Also with regard to Welsh practice, during the short video chat with the woman who used to come to the Welsh class, she asked if I'd done any more videos. To be honest, I'd started to lose confidence in the whole idea of a YouTube channel, but she was very complimentary about my efforts so far. So yesterday and today I felt inspired to work on the editing of the Cardiff video. If I can get that finished over the weekend, I can then move on to the probably more interesting Aberystwyth Cliff Railway video.

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