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A rare political post

I keep saying that if Brexit were a political thriller it would be rejected by publishers for being too ridiculous.

In fact it wouldn't even get past the crit group or the writer's beta readers.

They would point out that it's completely unbelievable that serious politicians[1] could be so stupid as to try to push through a policy that will damage their country and put it into recession for no other reason than to allow the leaders of the movement to make millions of pounds in playing the markets, buying up failing businesses to asset strip, and be able to keep their offshore money secret and away from the eyes of the tax office. Meanwhile the people who voted them into power did so because they want to "get their country back"[2] and "no longer be ruled by Brussels" be "a vassel state" or be in danger of having their children conscripted into a (wholly imaginary) EU army. And they say that any sacrifice will be worth it to "regain our sovereignty" (which we never lost), yet I'm sure they'll be the first to scream if they find empty shelves at the supermarket, lose their jobs because companies have closed or moved to the EU, find that food and safety standards are reduced, or have to queue with people from non-EU countries when they go on holiday to Spain.

All this done in the name of "the will of the people", which is actually not the "overwhelming majority" the Brexiters claim it to be be but actually the tiny tiny majority achieved in a corrupt referendum won by lies, cheating, and overspending. And no, this isn't happening in some imaginary former Soviet republic, but in the formerly sane and sensible United Kingdom.

As I said if it were a book or a movie, it would be rejected as unbelievable.

For example, right now, the reason Johnson can't get his deal[3] through parliament is because the DUP, who represent a minority faction of Northern Irish people, are insisting that there must be a hard Brexit to keep Northern Ireland in line with the UK, so they won't accept a border down the Irish Sea (which is the only practical solution to avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland and breaking the Good Friday Agreement). But because Johnson now has a "majority" in negative numbers, he desperately needs the DUP votes if his deal has any chance of passing and can't just tell them to piss off. The DUP have been bribed by promises of billions of pounds for Northern Ireland in the past and may be bribed again. So, as this article puts it, right now the DUP's role is "...to sweep in periodically and say ‘no’ to the latest extravagantly complex attempt to meet their impossible demands."

Right now we Remainers are desperately hoping that the DUP remain intransigent so that the deal won't pass and leaving without a deal remains illegal.

The UK is like a creature that has got itself stuck down a tunnel that is too narrow for it to pass through and also too narrow to allow it to turn round to come back out the way it went. There are a very few ways of resolving this without seriously damaging the country and no ways out that avoid any damage at all because a lot of damage has already been done, both to the economy and the UK's reputation.

[1]who were elected to office rather than seizing power by force.
[2] i.e. be able to send people who were born here and whose parents were born here back to countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, the West Indies etc. Countries that are nothing whatsoever to do with being a member of the EU.
[3]That's another thing that makes me angry. Johnson's deal is worse than Theresa May's deal, which he himself voted against 3 times. But somehow, now it's presented by a man, an Old Etonian to boot, this almost identical but slightly worse deal is suddenly a great one.

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