Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

When G booked the train tickets for our trip to
London to take part in the big protest march, he discovered that for only a few poumds extra, we could travel first class.

So this is a new experience. We have a table and we have been fed snacks and drinks. (Pretzels, a cheese and onion toastie and tea and coffe. Other choices like soup, chocolate and fruit were available.) All included in the price. Also there is free wifi wwhich TFW provide to the hoi polloi in 2nd class but which Virgin make you pay for normally.

Thakfully people don't talk to one another because the chap sleeping oppposite me looks very Brexity and has a copy of the Daily Mail in front of him.

But if you're ever booking tickets and see a cheap upgrade available, it might be worth it.

Coming back, of course, it will be normal 2nd class, but that does give us the advantage of not being tied to a particular train as we have open tickets.

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