Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Safely home

We didn't rush away from the apartment this morning, so we ended up catching a train at 11.15 a.m. from Euston to Wolverhampton. Previously we've set off earlier and caught one around 10.30, but they're always more crowded and there's little time between connections and we end up starving if the trolley doesn't have any sandwiches left, which it usually doesn't.

So we trundled gently to Wolverhampton, with free wifi, which (as previously mentioned) Virgin don't offer to the common herd in second class. We dashed from platform 2 to platform 1 and just caught the train to Shrewsbury, which gave us an hour there. I have spent many hours on Shrewsbury station, but the weather was fine and it gave us plenty of time to go to the loo and eat a cheese and ham toastie (G) and a bacon bap (me).

I had wifi on the platform until the Birmingham train left, so I was keeping up via Twitter with the debate in the House of Commons. The train to Aberystwyth was pretty full, but we got seats and I alternated between reading Atomic Habits and Twitter on the journey back to Machynlleth where the car was waiting.

I now need to perform the Oyster ritual i.e. check the balance on the pay-as-you-go travel cards that you can use on all the London transport. I know you can quickly look online, but before I put them away, I note the remaining balance on each card on a post-it note so if we need them again, I can see at a glance whether there's enough money left or whether I need to top them up before we travel.

Yesterday I completed my 31st consecutive journal entry, so I successfully completed the challenge. Having got back into the habit of posting to LJ again I intend to carry on, though won't necessarily do every single day.

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