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London Trip -- Day 3

I'm going to post a few more photos from our trip to London last week, but I'll work backwards and make the huge anti-Brexit march the grand finale.

So day three...

I've already posted the photo of the canal lock near Camden because I used that for the Alphabet Photo of the Week (Q is for Quiet). It is actually surprising how many quiet places you can find in London. If you go to the major tourist attractions they're always heaving with people, but there are some very pleasant walks to be had if you know where to go.

Last Monday I had arranged to meet an old friend from our university days. J lives in Croydon, but we usually manage to see one another once or twice a year because she and her husband enjoy walking and cycling holidays in Wales and we like city breaks in London. But for various reasons, I hadn't seen J for about 18 months. Anyway, we arranged to meet at Kings Cross, outside the Harry Potter shop, and then walk along the Regents Canal.

We like staying in the Adagio aparthotel which is 10-15 minutes walk from Kew Bridge station. The old tower is at the London Museum of Water and Steam on the wonderfully named Green Dragon Lane. We haven't visited the museum yet because it's not free and unless they have the steam engines running, it doesn't seem value for money.

Kew Bridge station, London

The train took us into Waterloo where we changed to the Tube and arrived at Kings Cross a few minutes early to find a seething crowd outside the Harry Potter Shop and J waiting nearby.

The three of us had a quick chat, but G isn't one for sitting around catching up on what we've been doing, so he bought a Cornish pasty from a stall on the station and set off on a long walk down the canal towards the Thames. J and I went upstairs to the cafe and had a cup of tea while we waited for the rain to ease off.

This is the newly opened shopping centre near Kings Cross station. It was very quiet, but that might just have been because it was a wet Monday morning, but the shops were very expensive. Last time we came this way, it was still a building site. Coal Drops Yard was once, as its name suggests, a huge coal yard for the nearby gasworks. Just a little further down the canal there are some old gasholders that have been turned into apartments. (A photo I took two years ago.)

Coal Drops Yard, London

The rain had more or less stopped by now, so we ambled along the canal towpath, chatting as we went, and soon reached Camden. Camden was crowded with tourists and we're not into standing around eating street food, however tasty it is, so we briefly left the canal and Camden Lock and went in the Pret a Manger on the High Street for another cup of tea and a sandwich.

Suitably refreshed, we set off along the canal again, only to realise we were going the wrong way and had to retrace our steps! Once heading in the right direction again, we ambled and chatted all the way along past London Zoo and eventually reached Little Venice which is a small canal basin with many moored houseboats.

We'd been in the cafe in the narrowboat some years ago, so we stopped there for a final drink (lemonade for me this time as I fancied something cold). Then it was just a case of finding the Warwick Avenue Tube station and the Bakerloo line took me right back to Waterloo and thence back to Kew Bridge on the train.

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