Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Trip to London -- Day 2: The old and the new

We don't normally go to London for weekends because now we're retired we can take mid-week breaks and it's a bit quieter when travelling. But of course this time we'd gone for the big anti-Brexit protest march on the Saturday, so day 2 of our city break fell on a Sunday.

We walked to the station, only to find that the next train into central London didn't leave for 3/4 of an hour. Instead of waiting, we set off to walk to the nearest Tube station (Gunnersbury) which we found without too much difficulty and descended into the bowels of the earth only to find that the District Line was closed in parts for engineering work. (Note to self: If we're ever in London again on a Sunday, make sure we do something within walking distance of the apartment.)

Via a devious route we finally emerged from Tower Hill station sooner than if we'd waited for the train, so it was OK in the end.

The start of the walk. The Shard looking all silvery and shiny and Tower Bridge.

Shard and Tower Bridge

We've walked the Thames Path many times and you can walk on either the north or south bank. This time we chose the north bank which we've done less frequenly.

It takes you through an area of old warehouses, now converted into very expensive apartments, or new apartment blocks built to resemble the old warehouses. The names are reminders of the places where ships would sail to and from at the time when this part of London was still docks. Now, of course, the big ports are at the mouth of the Thames. Some of the pubs would have been there in Shakespeare's day.

"The Town of Ramsgate" pub, Wapping.

Town of Ramsgate pub

"Prospect of Whitby" pub.

Prospect of Whitby pub

I'm not sure why, possibly because the trainers I was wearing were more comfortable than the shoes I used to wear for city walking, but my feet held up much better this time than previous walks. I did a long walk each day and the feet didn't end up painful.

The financial district of Canary Wharf. Last time we came this way, the building with diamond shaped windows was under construction.

Canary Wharf

I'm sure I've photographed this before, but it's the way you approach Canary Wharf if you have walked along the Thames Path and the golden egg is too tempting to ignore.

Golden egg

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