Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

TV Drama (currently watching)

After spending the summer and early autumn existing mainly on repeats of Midsummer Murders and Poirot, suddenly three decent dramas have come along all at once.

Spiral: French with English subtitles, third (?) series of the police drama set in Paris. Very gritty but interesting plot and characters.

Dublin Murders: New series, detectives hunt for the killer of a teenage girl who had been about to go to England to take up a place at ballet school. Connections to a crime that happened 15 years previously via both the detectives working on the case and the victims family. Interesting.

Giri / Haji: Bilingual Japanese/English drama with a Japanese detective who comes to the UK in search for his errant criminal brother who was supposed to be dead but now appears to be a hired killer in London. Intriguing with occasional flashes of dry humour.

When we watch TV drama we like to look out for places we have visited. Spiral is no good for that because apart from a brief trip to Paris in his teens, neither G nor I have been there. Usually it's G who manages the one-upmanship with claiming locations in places like San Francisco, but I'm winning with the Dublin Murders and could declare, "I've been on that train!" when the female detective caught a train going to Malahide.

The winner so far though is Giri / Haji because I'm 99.99% sure that the student accommodation that the Japanese detective is staying in is the LSE hall of residence in Tavistock Square where we have stayed quite a few times.

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