Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Language goals for November

November Language Hacking goals: Welsh is in maintenance mode, but I posted a new video for Halloween at the end of last month and I will continue to edit the Aberystwyth cliff railway video and hopefully shoot a couple more so I'll have something to work on through the darkest and most miserable winter months when filming will be difficult. I will continue attending the class, going to the cafe chats and doing the Skype calls and this month I'm going to attempt to write some fiction in Welsh.

Spanish: I think this is slowly progressing at last. I've devised a pattern for repeating the Say Something in Spanish challenges that seems to be working and means I do each challenge 3 times before I consider it done. So for this month I will carry on with the SSiS challenges and aim to do 4 per week (including repetitions).
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