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Writing progress

It's far too hot today to do anything very active. After walking up and down to our local industrial estate three times to get a replacement key cut for G's Daihatsu, I found the coolest clothing I possessed and went and sat down at the bottom of the garden under the trees to write. The result was 740 words of first draft (hand-written). Reason for stopping: That was a whole short scene and I now have to plan the next bit. Also it's lunchtime.

The scene was the protag Wil being refused a loan by the bank manager. I have no idea whether this novel will appeal to anyone, let alone a publisher. There is little or no action, no violence, no one is killed (though there may be a couple of deaths). There are no battles. No universes, worlds or even countries are threatened by invasion or destruction. There's just a bunch of people trying to make a go of their lives who will lose their livelihood if a mountain is sold. I'm trying to ignore the tiny voice at the back of my mind that keeps saying, "No one will care," and "You think you can write comedy?"

At least so far the novel is reasonably easy to write and I'm devising methods (that seem to be working) to get over my hatred of first drafts. No one has read any of it yet, and I don't want a first reader or any comments until I have an awful lot more written. Total for the novel standing at a mere 6223 words typed up draft so far. (Though I have another couple of thousand hand-written.)

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