Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Misty morning

4/30 for my photo-a-day in November challenge

Looking from our back door across our neighbours' gardens.

Misty garden

And an extra photo for good measure...

This tree came down over a year ago in a bad storm. Looking through the mist early this morning, the small wood beyond our garden looked like an ancient forest. Who knows what might lurk there?

Fallen tree

By the time I set out to Welsh class, the mist had cleared and it's not been a bad day weatherwise. The class was interesting and we learned that the Welsh have added a new mutation to the language. Welsh has the interesting feature of treigladau (mutations).[*] This is when sounds change according to complex rules depending on (amongst other things) what is in front of it and the gender of the noun. You also distinguish between "his" and "hers" by means of mutations.

Welsh doesn't have the sound "ch", as in "chips", except in borrowed words like, well, "chips" which is spelled phonetically "tsips".

So you have "tsips" (chips) but "siop jîps" (chip shop)
"tsecio" (to check) but "Wnei di jecio hwn?" (Will you check this?)
"tsîc" (cheek) but "am jîc!" (What cheek!)

[*]Or "lenitions", if you're a linguist, but don't use that word with an ordinary Welsh speaker because they won't know what you mean.

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