Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

More photos from my window

I need to get my act together and go on some walks to take some more interesting photos, but it was Quaker meeting this morning and by the time I'd done that and had lunch, I didn't have the energy to go out. Besides, the weather is still grey and overcast and the light is flat and boring.

So, apples...

17/30 for my photo-a-day in November challenge

These apples are on our neighbours' tree and though they overhang our garden, they're too high to reach. But as you can see, the crop wasn't so good this year as many of the apples are blemished.

But the birds don't mind and leaving the apples on the tree gives them food at a time when the weather is getting cold.


I'm getting better with the long lens and remembered to use manual focus and to actually focus the shot!

And a bonus photo. I don't often do a square crop, but I keep being drawn to the evening view out of my window and cropping meant I didn't have to clone out the annoying electricity cable that passes through these woods. The roof that you can glimpse through the trees is the college where my husband used to teach. As you can see, not very far to commute!

Evening woodland

I've mentioned Thomas Heaton and his YouTube channel before, and I watched another couple of his videos today. I've found that watching videos on YouTube stops me spending hours on Twitter reading Brexit arguments and I've felt a lot calmer mentally since I swapped Twitter for YouTube. Today, after watching one in which he was taking photos in a wood in the snow, I watched him reviewing camera bags. I was surprised and amused to see that his original favourite was the same bag as I have.

I have to admit that I used it when I first bought it, but since then it's been more like a camera storage unit, sitting in the corner of my study. I found it rather large for my amateur needs and mostly just used my smaller rucksack. But if I can get back into being more serious about photography again, I ought to start using it because you can strap your tripod to it and (and I didn't know this until I watched the video!) it has a built in rain cover! Fancy that, I've had the bag for years and had never discovered the rain cover hidden in a pocket underneath.

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