Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Toys on the bookcase

21/30 for my photo-a-day in November challenge

Definitely a desperation shot today. I'd tried to photograph birds on the apple tree with the long lens, but it was too windy and nothing came out sharp. I also spent a large part of the day editing my Aberystwyth video so I haven't been out anywhere. The video is coming along nicely and, having started at the castle, I have reached the end of the promenade. The ride on the cliff railway is to edit in next!

So meet the gang of toys that sit on the bookcase in my study. Some were presents, namely little wolf, little teddy and I think Superduck must have been a present too because I don't remember buying it. I suspect it was a joke present from some of G's students. That's how we acquired our talking Yoda toy. Others, like the Siamese kitten and the little collie puppy were bought by me because I thought they were cute. Pigling Bland was from a charity shop.

Toys on the bookcase

The books in the photo are my selection of How To writing books. I've actually started dipping into some of them again because I have started a brand new story, but so far only have 4 characters, a setting, a vague idea for a plot and a dead body in a garden. And that's all.

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