Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Still flowering

22/30 for my photo-a-day in November challenge

Another busy day, another desperation shot. I spotted these flowers on the porch of my elderly friend's house. They're still flowering even though it's definitely winter now.

Still flowering

So today I visited my elderly friend, did a Co-op shop so we have food for the weekend and then spent a large part of the afternoon working on my Aberystwyth video. It is somewhat frustrating that you spend hours editing a video and so far the thing is about 7 minutes long. It will be 10-12 when finished, I think. But I am getting faster now I've learned the software and I'm starting to learn what works and what doesn't in terms of shooting the video in the first place. Panning around is very sickness inducing unless done slowly and carefully!

One reason I'm being more productive is because I've more or less given up reading Twitter. I never could see the point of Twitter, but after the Brexit referendum, I got sucked in as I realised it was a great way to connect with other Remainers who were trying to stop Brexit. Having said that, I do hear about the protest marches on Facebook, but for immediate reactions, Twitter was definitely faster.

Except now we've gone into the election campaigning, everything just seems noisy and unfocused. People who were allies are now slagging one another off as tribal politics come into play. I've pulled back from politics until the general election is over. I will still discuss things with G or occasionally online, but I no longer feel the urge to be glued to Twitter every moment to see what's happening. I feel like I do when watching the long car chase or fight scenes in an action movie. However fast and furious the action, it's not advancing the story and I just get bored.

Until we know the result, we don't know whether we're doomed or whether there's a chance the Brexit can still be stopped. There's really nothing I can do and I can only sit back and wait to see what happens on Friday 13th December. Yes, what an auspicious date to hear the election results! I can only hope it's unlucky for the Tory party.

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