Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Autumn trees

24/30 for my photo-a-day in November challenge

I feel rather peopled out this afternoon. I was with people all day yesterday and then it was the Welsh class this morning. Annoyingly I will also have to see people tomorrow morning because the signed printout of our Local Meeting accounts has not arrived at the area treasurer's house. At least I know I definitely posted them because I wrote on LJ about walking past the quaint old post box because the letter was quite urgent. I will therefore have to go up to see M again and get her to sign another copy.

However, that will mean I can meet her carer's new dog. S adopted the dog from Romania and she arrived a couple of weeks ago and is settling in very well, apparently. M loves dogs but at the age of 96 can't have dogs of her own any more, so she gets friends with dogs to bring them to see her.

Once a month we have an extra Quaker meeting in M's house now that she feels to frail to attend the main meeting in a local village hall. The shapes of these trees caught my eye as I was walking up to her house yesterday. I like walking to her house if the weather is fine because I can do a Spanish lesson at the same time. It's easier now it's winter and the streets are quiet. I try to mutter the sentences under my breath if people are around because I don't know what they'd think of someone walking along speaking Spanish to themselves!

Autumn tree

And a bonus tree.

Autumn tree

Then, after nipping home for a quick sandwich, S (a different S) picked me up outside my house and gave me a lift to Quaker Area Meeting which was being held about 20 minutes drive away. The meeting was interesting, but lasted about 2 1/2 hours with extra socialising time before and after. S and I had to present our meeting's Spiritual Life Report which had initially seemed to be a chore and a bureaucratic necessity but actually turned out very useful as it enabled us to raise some issues that had been troubling us and (to our relief) we'd found that other members of our meeting had been feeling the same. So we now have some ideas to help us make our meetings more focused on what one might call spiritual matters and less on Brexit and the election!

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