Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Busy day

I went into town twice today.

The first time I drove in, parked in the Co-op car park and then went to get a flu jab in the nearby fire station. I have no idea why they use the fire station, but it is more convenient for parking. I then did a food shop, drove the food home and put it away and then walked back into town (see previous post with cat and dog photos) for the Welsh conversation group. On the way to the cafe, I got rid of a bag of photo frames in the charity shop and bought the extra Christmas cards that I need.

Then after lunch there was extra recycling to put out because I'd decided last week that there wasn't enough to bother with. I've also ordered another copy of the geology book while Lulu have a 15% off sale and now I'm tired.

What I haven't done yet is uploaded my latest video to YouTube. I think that will have to be done tomorrow now because I haven't translated the speech to create the English subtitles and adding subtitles is rather slow and tedious.


Final thing to do before stopping to make dinner is: translate the voice over into English, and write the description. Then I'll have everything ready to upload tomorrow so it will be online before we go away on Friday.

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