Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Still living in limbo

So the new boiler didn't arrive last night, so when the enthusiastic and efficient young man returned to install the boiler, there was no boiler to install.

He got on the phone and chased up the boiler, which was promised by lunchtime. This meant he spent the morning in his van catching up on emails, but unable to progress our new heating system.

The new boiler did finally arrive shortly before 12 noon, just as I was setting off to the college where the Welsh conversation group were having Christmas lunch in the college's training restaurant.

The meal was delicious, and (according to B our tutor) far better then the Christmas dinner she'd eaten the night before in a supposedly good local restaurant. So well done the college students who prepare, cook and serve the meals in the college's restaurant.

I didn't linger after the meal and came home to find that the boiler was now on the wall and the electrician had finished connecting the electrical stuff. Sadly it's still not ready to use because they ran out of time and someone will come tomorrow to connect the flue that leads to outside.

Also, in the midst of this chaos, a young man and his father arrived to discuss an academic paper with G. The young man (son of a local farmer) has an interview for a place at Cambridge and was sent a paper to read beforehand. It's one of those annoying academic papers that are written in pretentious jargon, but if you can penetrate that, they do actually have interesting things to say. Why they can't use plain English beats me. Though if they did use plain English, it would sound half so clever. Anyway, G had agreed to discuss the paper with the young man to be sure he understood it and generally help him prepare for the interview.

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