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We have heat!

Not only do we have a warm house, we have hot running water. The lack of hot water from the taps was actually more annoying than the lack of heat. Our house is small, G has a gas fire in his study and I have an electric heater in my little room upstairs. The electric convector heater could very quickly get the kitchen nice and warm, but washing hands under cold water is no fun in winter, neither is having to boil endless kettles of water in order to wash up.

But the new boiler is installed and working, times have been set in the timer, so I should be able to get up to a warm house from now on, and once I've investigated the Hive app, I should be able to control things even when away from home, so if we've been out for the day and want a heat boost so the house is warm to return to, I should be able to make that happen.

Oh, I also have a new camera, but more about that when I try it out over the weekend.
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