Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Nearly back to normal

I have spent today cleaning the cupboards and putting All The Things back into them. As everything had been removed, it seemed silly to put stuff back without doing the spring winter cleaning. So the shelves were all scrubbed and then I had to wait for them to dry and, finally, I could put everything back.

The cupboards under the sink were easy, but the big cupboard was a bit trickier to remember how I'd had everything arranged, but it's all now gone back in in approximately the same place as before.

Tomorrow I'll put the stuff back in the bathroom cupboard and then everything will be in its rightful place and life can get back to normal with no need to boil endless kettles for the washing up or living out of boxes, as we have done for the past 4 days.

In other news, I have planned a possible expotition for next Wednesday in order to a) make another video and b) see the film "Knives Out", which apparently is not bad. More about that if it actually happens. It is dependent on the weather being reasonable, so the plan may have to be postponed.

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