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Busy day

Because I'm teaching an evening class tonight, I didn't have to set off for work until late morning so (as I'd been lethargic over the weekend and hadn't got much done), I forced myself to make bread, run the dishwasher and also did a load of washing, all while printing out storie to be marked at the weekend.

I'm currently procrastinating over buying a new dishwasher. Ours has been run at least once a day and often more, for 11 years. It's still more or less fine, but I no longer trust it enough to leave it running while I go to bed. Thus my nice routine of stacking it throughout the day and then putting it on after dinner doesn't work now I'm teaching 3 evening classes. We sometimes haven't finished eating until nearly midnight, so there's no time between after dinner and bedtime. This disruption to the routine means that the kitchen ends up messier. However, going to buy a new dishwasher would take up most of a day. I therefore need to collect enough things that need to be done In A Big Place so that I can have a useful Saturday despatching a number of jobs in one go.

But not this weekend because I have too much other stuff to do at home.

Just snatching a cup of tea and a moment of peace before travelling back to the main college where I need to find out what is in Lesson 2 of the Introduction to Digital Photography class. Lesson 2 happens at 6.45pm tonight, but I'm absorbing this course on a Need To Know basis, so will learn what I'm supposed to be teaching and then almost immediately teach it. This is not the recommended way of taking on a new course, but, hey, it works. I mean, I know all the stuff already really, I just need to know exactly which bits of the stuff the students have to be taught and in which order. The only thing I don't know is the ins and outs of the college cameras, but the point and shoot ones are quite straightforward, so we'll be starting with those tonight. *g*

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