Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Watching YouTube videos about making YouTube videos

Over the past few days I've been watching quite a few YouTube videos about making YouTube videos. Yes, recursive I know, but there were lots of useful tips I want to try.

I know that my topic is very niche (videos about Wales in Welsh) and I'm never going to get many people subscribing and viewing my videos, but I do want to make the channel as good as I possibly can. I now have a few pages of notes and over Christmas I'll be working on making improvements to my channel and exploring the arcane world of key words and try to improve the thumbnails to see if I can make everything look more professional.

We have been spending rather a lot of money recently because we had the new car (to replace the one that was 19 years old) and now a new boiler (to replace the one that was over 20 years old and couldn't be repaired due to them not making the parts any more). But I have also just bought a new camera to replace the one that is 12 years old. The Canon PowerShot S3 still works, mostly, but the flippy outy viewscreen doesn't work any more and I think a newer model will give better quality images for G's next book on Welsh landscape. It will also be my vlogging camera.

So far I have just used my phone, but there are things you can do with a camera that a phone just won't do, for example focus on a particular thing. I can also add a furry microphone for better sound quality, though I haven't bought one just yet as I intend to use the lapel mike for the moment. First thing though is to play with the Canon M50 over the weekend and get used to it. The weather looks OK for Saturday, so I will go out for a walk and re-shoot the first video I did that I wasn't happy with and so it never got posted online. The effort wasn't wasted though as I learned a lot from doing it and, hopefully, the second attempt will be more successful.

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