Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Tomorrow is Friday 13th

We both went to vote around 10.30 this morning. There was a steady trickle of people, which is the usual level for here. Looking at the front page of the Sun in the Spar when I popped in to buy a couple of things, I'm not very hopeful of a positive outcome because whoever they support usually wins. However, whatever happens, the campaign to stay in/rejoin the EU will continue as will the fight to create a better and more equal society. Here are a couple of quotes from a Nation.cymru article that are relevant.

"For the first time ever I really am not looking forward to Thursday. Everything feels so fragile, grotesque and ugly. There is so much confusion and good people having to go against their principles. See you on the other side…" (Translation of a Tweet by @gwalltog (Ffion Dafis), December 12th, 2019).

But also whatever happens, we need to remember to look after ourselves and our friends.

"From those interviews, there is one comment that has stuck with me. It was made by Huw Lewis, then AM for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney: 'The first rule of any battle is to make sure you bring your troops home safely.'"

If you're superstitious (which I'm not), having the winner of the election announced in the small hours of Friday the 13th isn't very auspicious. But who will it be unlucky for?

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