Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

I have unboxed my new camera

Over on YouTube, unboxing videos are very popular. It's not the sort of video I would watch so I didn't video myself slowly and laboriously unpacking my new Canon EOS M50 and working out how to assemble it. The lens is now on, the memory card inserted (bought separately as there wasn't one included) and the battery is charging. The weather forecast for Saturday is hopeful, so I intend to go and play with the new camera over the weekend.

In order to make room for it in my camera bag, I went through all the bits and pieces that are in there. Years ago I bought a close-up lens, a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens for the Canon PowerShot 3S. It took ages to remember how they went on the camera, but eventually I did remember so, for now, I have put everything back into the camera bag more tidily, which left a niche for the new camera. I suppose I ought to harden my heart and dispose of the Canon PowerShot (the camera in the icon on this post), but it may be useful as a backup camera for field work, so I won't get rid of it just yet. But if I don't use it over the next year, it will have to go.

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