Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Refocusing, finding a new direction

When I joined the Habitica journalling challenge, it said, "Write a sentence a day." This will be a little more than one sentence, but not much.

Twitter: I never used to use Twitter and only had an account to stop anyone else setting up an account using my email address, (See XKCD "Reverse Identitiy Theft") but during the Brexit referendum campaign, I found it useful to connect with like-minded people in order to campaign for Remain. Unfortunately, once the general election was declared, the unity that had prevailed amongst my anti-Brexit Tweeters was disrupted as infighting began between Labour, LibDems and some people even turned out to be Pro-EU Conservatives. So I have been stepping back from Twitter and only looking in a couple of times a day. But now the Remain campaign have lost, the Labour supporters are fighting amongst themselves and I have no desire to read the anger and recriminations between Corbyn supporters and his critics, neither do I want to see the vitriol unleashed in the Labour leadership election.

I even considered deleting the account, but I need to keep it due to the Reverse Identity Theft problem. I therefore spent a little time today unfollowing people and following a few new ones.

In other news, there were just 3 of us at Quaker meeting this morning. I don't know if the meeting can survive, to be honest. I feel it's like an endangered species whose numbers have fallen to a critical level. I'm prepared to give it another 9-12 months, but if it's still struggling along by this time next year, I don't know whether it can survive beyond that.

And in other other news, after feeling OK immediately after the election results, I feel very down today. The weather and very short days are not helping. We've just had a very heavy and very noisy shower of hail with lightning and a rumble of thunder, and now the distant mountain is completely white.

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