Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Today I have...

I have written the Christmas cards and now just need to finalise and print out a short letter to go in with come of the cards.

I have also been disturbed by three scam calls. Two were real people, but my heart was not in playing with them for long. The other was a computer pretending to be phoning from Amazon prime.

Still to do: Walk into town and post the cards, also buy a birthday card for our son plus an Amazon voucher. I have already ordered him a couple of presents, namely a duck/rabbit mug and a book by the XKCD chap, Randall Munroe.

[Some time later...]

Cards have been put in envelopes, the Christmas letters have been printed out and inserted where necessary and I've been into town and posted them, including the one to Ireland that is more expensive and has to go airmail.

I did the Co-op food shop and bought a birthday card and Amazon voucher for our son. If they're posted first class tomorrow, they should get there in time.
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