Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

New tooth

I had an appointment with the dentist first thing this morning and he fitted the new crown. I've never had one before, but the tooth looks better than it has for years.

After that I walked into town to bank the check which is the final payment from my cousin's estate. Also I bought some fake tea-lights, i.e. they are battery operated. Sadly I didn't have these when I made the Halloween lantern out of a swede. The rea. tea-light was fine for a minute or two while I took photos, but there was soon a smell of burnt swede and I didn't like to leave it burning as a decoration.

And then, after lunch and after cutting back the grass that was growing over the concrete by the house wall, I felt very tired and have done nothing worth mentioning all afternoon.

Tomorrow I think I will get the tiny Christmas tree out of the garage and put it up, along with the string of crochet Christmas trees and the cards.

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