Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What we're currently watching

It's always a struggle to find TV programmes that we like. We don't watch soaps, we don't watch reality TV or cooking shows (competitive or otherwise) or sport. This doesn't leave all that much at the moment. We do, however, watch quite a few dramas with subtitles. We've recently finished watching Spiral (French) but are still near the beginning of "A Very Scandi Scandal" (Swedish), which is about two women who are nearing retiring age and who end up robbing a bank.

I had been wondering about "Greyzone" (Danish and Swedish) which is currently being shown on S4C with Welsh subtitles, but a) this will be a real challenge because I don't read Welsh anything like as fast as I can read English and b) having googled, it seems to be about terrorists and hostages, so actually I think we'll pass on that one.

We're currently also working our way through "Brokenwood", which is from New Zealand and therefore, though foreign, doesn't need subtitles. It is the kind of drama we like: not too serious and though it's about solving murders, it is more like Midsomer Murders than the dark, gritty and harrowing police procedurals. I never can understand why people want to be harrowed when they sit down after a day's work to relax.

And to change the subject completely, last night I had started making a curry, only to realise that there wasn't enough rice. After some debate, we had baked potatoes with the curry and it was actually very nice. In fact I might do that deliberately occasionally for a change.

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