Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Saved by Google Pay!

It was Quaker meeting this morning and I wanted to walk, but I am so so bored of walking into town from our house. I therefore decided to drive to the Eurospar (small supermarket) which is on the other side of town and park in their car park. Unlike the Co-op, there is no time limit on the Eurospar car park and it's on the same side of town as the meeting.

Now for some reason, part of my brain was planning to pop into the Eurospar after meeting to see if they had any loose tea, which I hadn't been able to get on Friday in the Co-op. Meanwhile the other part of my brain (which was deciding what to put in my handbag) decided I didn't need the credit and debit cards. I blame the winter gloom!

So we had a lovely meeting with 6 of us. On the 4th Sunday of the month, we meet in the house of our eldest member who is 96 and too frail to attend the normal meetings. Someone had brought cake to eat with our cup of tea and we managed not to talk about politics.

The rain had held off, so I happily walked back down the hill to the Eurospar, collected a basket and started picking out things to buy -- and then remembered that I hadn't got my cards. But I did have my phone and (after checking at the kiosk) they do take Google Pay, so I got a nice joint of beef, which will be for Christmas dinner, plus some loose Te Cymreig (Welsh Tea), which of course is not grown in Wales but is specially blended to brew well with our soft Welsh water.

My elderly friend had a tiny nativity scene on a sideboard. She has been gradually moving the little people closer and closer to the stable as Christmas approaches.

Nativity scene

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