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Tired, soooo tired

Why am I so tired? You're supposed to need less sleep as you get older, but that doesn't seem to apply in my case. Memo to self: Must try to get to bed before midnight on the nights I don't teach an evening class. Of course I keep telling myself this, but do I listen?

This morning was another morning where I didn't seem to get much done, but I suppose I did do useful things. Namely: dried the clothes I washed yesterday, printed some more of the stories I have to mark, checked the OU tutor online conference and read messages, replied to a couple of messages from my students, did some tidying of messages into the appropriate conference and filled in the questionnaire from the Open University on how I felt about the poetry course I'd just done.

Thence to work to teach the afternoon class, then do some marking and other bits of work stuff and now to the main college to prepare for tonight's evening class. It's all go. *g*

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