Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Ready for Christmas

The tiny tree and the crochet Christmas garland are finally up. I did the last of the food shopping today, which was just vegetables, milk and wine, because I bought a joint of beef yesterday in the Eurospar. I plan to cook it in the slow cooker tomorrow and then just have the veggies to cook on Christmas day.

So we are organised and have plenty of food for the two of us. The Co-op is open again Boxing Day and it seemed less hectic than it used to be on the final days before Christmas. Have people finally realised that they don't have to stock up as if for a siege? The other hazard of Christmas shopping is the Whole Family Pushing a Giant Trolley. They wander round slowly, blocking the aisles. But there was only one of those today, though they kept being in the way of stuff I was trying to reach.

The other thing I did today was finally take the new Canon EOS M50 out and have a play with it. It will have two main uses: taking photos out in the field for G's books, and shooting video for my YouTube channel. I hadn't realised that its fold out screen is touch sensitive! All the controls are rather tiny and I kept touching things I didn't mean to touch, but I'll soon get used to it. It's very similar to the Canon DSLR in terms of features, but a lot smaller and lighter. It will take RAW files, though I'll stick to JPEGs for now.

The test photo came out fine. The video was fine too, or it would have been if I was better at shooting video. I will go through the clips and make notes on what worked and what didn't and what I need to do to improve my video shooting skills. I was impressed with the sound quality, just from the camera's own microphone. I will probably buy a separate mike though because you can get those furry covers to cut down on wind noise.

If you're taking an LJ break over Christmas, I hope you have a relaxing and peaceful time. I will try to keep posting daily because I'm enjoying it and I don't want to break my streak, currently on 94 days.

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