Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Christmas Eve

I seem to have spent a large part of the day cleaning up the kitchen. It's lovely to make meals from scratch, but it does make more mess and use more pans and dishes. The "simple" cheese and potato bake we had for dinner last night required: chopping board, peeler and knife, large pan to cook the potatoes, small casserole dish to microwave the onion and garlic (the recipe says to fry, but I found that made the meal to greasy for us), small casserole dish to microwave the tomatoes, cheese grater, large casserole dish to bake the assembled thing.

First thing this morning I put the joint of beef which we will have for Christmas dinner tomorrow in the slow cooker, so more chopping of flavouring vegetables. For lunch I made leek and potato soup, so yet more chopping of vegetables and another pan. But it was worth it because the soup was very nice. And having cooked the meat today, tomorrow's dinner will be a lot easier than usual.

This afternoon, after watching a couple of videos on YouTube and sewing the lining into the new crochet case I made for the Huawei phone, I'm now looking at the video clips I shot yesterday with the new camera. Some worked, some didn't. The camera is fine, my handling of it sometimes isn't! But I have made notes and will see if I can do better next time. I will try editing together what I've done though because I want to experiment with better sound quality for the voice over.

Anyway, I wish you all a good Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas or you have to work, I hope the next few days go well.

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