Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Turbulent year, downbeat ending

It's been a roller coaster of a year for us with a downbeat ending. We've never before been so involved in politics and I don't know what will happen next year. Nothing bodes well with our right-wing Tory government.

This article is very perceptive. I wasn't marching and signing petitions and campaigning in any way I could because of a love for the Single Market and Customs Union. It was because I want to live in a country that is "open, fair, tolerant, built on genuine partnership with other countries and, above all, peaceful."

As Helen Wales says in this article, we have lost the battle to remain in the EU for now, but after a period of rest, recuperation and reflection, I (along with many thousands of others) will be working out what is the best way to help work towards those ideals, despite being outside the umbrella of the EU.

Right now there are people who are desperately worried about what happens next. Whether they're EU citizens wondering whether Settled Status is worth anything at all or people worried that manufacturing and other businesses will leave the UK, making many people redundant, they can see that the future is uncertain and frightening. Calls for people to "come together" are not going to cut it. I've never known the country to be so divided in my lifetime.

I'm posting a link here in case anyone else is interested and so I can find it again.

Here's the link to the article...

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