Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Christmas Day

I cooked the joint of beef in the slow cooker yesterday. We both like our beef well done and I am a little concerned about our oven, which is very old and the thermostat no longer really works. It's fine to run for half an hour or so to cook something quickly, but I wasn't sure about cooking a large joint. As we plan to re-do the whole kitchen in the New Year, I can't buy a new cooker yet, so I need to nurse this one along. Anyway, the beef turned out really nice and tender and I finally got around to following the advice to par-boil the potatoes before roasting, and they were indeed fluffier and crispier than the way I normally do them.

So I am now stuffed with beef, roasted potatoes and parsnips, boiled carrots, peas and sprouts and some of the Christmas pudding left over from last year that I found at the back of a cupboard recently. The red wine was very nice too.

This year I finally asked our children not to worry about thinking of presents and instead to get us a selection of edible and drinkable goodies. I opened the gifts just before lunch and they look great. There are some things we'll eat over the next day or so, like the Christmas cake, and there are other things that we can indulge in over the coming weeks. This was definitely a good idea.

While preparing the veg for dinner, I wanted to listen to the radio but, after a very moving BBC Radio 4 programme about the Coventry Carol which literally had me in tears, I switched to Radio Cymru (the Welsh language channel) when the announcer said that there now followed a programme revisiting the highlights of 2019. As I was unable to think of any highlights, I fled to the Welsh channel and listened to a traditional Christmas service with Bible readings and carols, but all in Welsh. It's interesting to hear the familiar passages in another language.

Happy Christmas to any of you who are online today! I hope the holiday period is enjoyable.

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