Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Melior the Royal Purple Griffin

I use the productivity app Habitica. In fact I'm one of the mods. A while ago they had a fundraiser, to which I contributed, and the reward was this nice pin badge. Melior is the Royal Purple Griffin's name. He is a Royal Purple Griffin because a) that's the Habitica logo and b) the initials are RPG. Initially the app was called Habit RPG, the idea being that you were role-playing being a productive person and getting XP and gold for doing your tasks in real life, but people were finding that the app was being blocked by their workplace because all games were banned. So Habit RPG rebranded as Habitica (the land of good habits).

The badge will be just the thing for wearing at conventions. I have a Habitica t-shirt, but don't always want to wear that.

Melior pin (Habitica)

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