Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Bored with Christmas now

I had a couple of ideas about what to write about today, but I've now forgotten what they were. So, some random thoughts:

I did my annual review of the year and setting some goals for next year.

The new watch we ordered for G arrived this morning, as did my vlogging microphone...

And that's reminded me that the watch was one of the things I intended to write about. G's current watch was bought probably about 12-15 years ago in the airport in Manchester. He was about to fly off somewhere to a conference and realised at the airport that his watch wasn't working. So we paid much more for a watch than we would normally have done, but it's lasted all this time and G is hard on watches. Now, however, this watch keeps stopping. I think it's that the knob you use to alter the time gets pulled out just a tiny fraction and that's enough to stop the watch. It may be catching on the sweater cuff or something, but it makes the watch unreliable. When we were in London at the new shopping area near Kings Cross station, he popped into the Diesel shop. He wanted a watch similar to the Diesel watch he's worn for so long, but came out sadly disappointed because they all looked like this.

Diesel watches.png

How are you supposed to be able to tell the time with a watch like this? I suggested that men must treat them more like macho "jewellery" and look at their phones if they actually want to know what time it is.

So G didn't manage to buy a watch from the shop in London, but yesterday his watch had stopped yet again so I suggested that we looked online. Perhaps the weird watches were selected for that shop because it was supposed to be a trendy shopping destination?

After a bit of searching we found what was basically an updated version of his old watch. It's silvery stainless steel rather than black, but it's just a simple watch and you can tell the time at a glance. It was also reduced from £139 to £99 with a further 20% off for the January sale. I suspect that it's now an old design that they want to sell off because all the trendy men want the incomprehensible multi-dial ones. I mean, what are all those dials supposed to be showing?

Re being bored with Christmas (as per the subject line), I just want to get back into a normal routine. I love the first part of the Christmas holidays, but with no Welsh class and no Welsh chat group, I start to miss people. Yes, I know I have a husband, but getting out and being with others stops me sliding into winter gloom.

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