Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Day 101

According to my Habitica daily, I have posted here in LJ for 100 days without a break. Or 101 days including today. I wanted to reach 100 posts. I may not post every day from now on, but I will try to post at least 3 times a week.

So... Today I woke with a bad back. This has been happening more often recently. It gets better throughout the day, then is bad the next morning. We probably need a new mattress, but I have turned it around to see if that helps.

Otherwise I have spent a while editing the video I shot yesterday. I hope I'm getting better at it. It was definitely easier to shoot video with a camera rather than a phone. The furry microphone has improved the sound quality too. However, I am still hopeless at talking to the camera. This is something I need to practice. A tip in a video on YouTube on how to make better YouTube videos suggested pretending that the camera is a friend you are chatting to via Facetime or Skype. Perhaps that would help?

I have also changed the name on the Twitter account that relates to the videos. My initial plan was the the videos would be about travelling on all the railways in Wales, but it's just not practical to do a railway every couple of weeks, so I've been doing videos about different places. So the Twitter account is now @WalesInWelsh, which keeps it more general.

And now it's time to cook dinner, so I will investigate what we have in the freezer...

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