Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Multi-lingual walk

Today was fine -- sunny in fact -- so I was determined to walk up to see my elderly friend M rather than drive. I had also been given the task of picking up her newspaper from the newsagents in town. M takes the i newspaper (that looks odd written down) but the newsagent wants to retire so the shop is for sale and he has stopped newspaper deliveries. This is a problem if you're 96 and no longer mobile. M has visitors most days, possibly every day, but it's going to get complicated ensuring she has her daily paper.

Anyway, when I walk to M's house I also try to do a Spanish SSiS challenge. Normally I cut down some back streets and across the car park because it's quieter and I can keep muttering the responses in Spanish, but because I had to collect the paper, I needed to go into the middle of town. I stopped the lesson for the actual shopping bit, but everyone seemed to be out and about today. When I was walking up the hill, there I was trying to focus on the Spanish and people kept greeting me in Welsh. It just shows how much more solid my Welsh language skills are now that I could switch without thinking to reply without getting confused.

Sunny winter's day
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