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Writing progress

Words today: 564
Words in Chapter 14: 2272
Words total: 64,170
Reason for stopping: Need to put soup on for lunch and do laundry and other housework.
Other: Yes, Moving a Mountain is back in progress again after a haitus of a few weeks. I read over the last few scenes to pick up the thread of where I was and it made me chuckle in a couple of places. I just hope other people will find it funny too. I also hope that people don't think it's just a Pratchett clone. Will it be different enough, I wonder? I also hope that some editor will be prepared to buy a book about small local events. No worlds are threatened in this book, no lives are put in danger either, just the livelihoods of a bunch of rural people.

My plan now (having finally struggled through an extra busy period and got life stuff back under control) is to make a dash for the end. A couple of good months should just about finish it. Then for the revision... But I like revision. *g*

I need to sit down next weekend and review my goals and produce targets for 2005-06. I keep being tempted by MA courses, in particular the one offered by Glamorgan. I'd love to do one, but I must resist. Must. Not. Get. Sucked. Into. Taking. On. Too. Much. I am already doing plenty and often find the day job tiring. In fact I regularly consider trying to change job to a college nearer home, but on balance I feel that the disruption of learning a new routine and fitting into a new place would outweigh any saving of time due to a shorter commute and I probably couldn't get a proper contract either but would be on the variable hours.

Anyway, I know what the short version of the writing goals is; it's to finish Moving a Mountain asap, revise it over the summer and start submitting it in the autumn at the same time as starting the new novel about the magic department of an FE college. The idea is to write that before writing the second instalment of the Hostel saga. That will set up two completely different fantasy worlds/scenarios, both with potential for sequels. Assuming the best possible outcome and someone does buy Moving a Mountain, I don't want to get tied into endless books in the same world. Though having said that, I do have another idea for one set elsewhere in the same world. With Dwarfs.

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