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Goals for 2020

I have been doing some reflection over the Christmas period and I have set long-term goals for a few things:

Welsh learning: My main goal is to spend 200 hours between now and the end of September doing activities to maintain and improve my Welsh language skills.
Learning Spanish: I'm working through an online audio course and now I know what is a reasonable speed of progress, I revised my goal at the beginning of December. I hope to finish Levels 1 & 2 by mid-October 2020.
YouTube Channel: My target is one video shot, edited and uploaded per month. If I can do more than that, it's a bonus.
Exercise: I haven't finalised this beyond, "Do more." But the photography and videos will help me get out to more places.
Photography: I've started a 366 photo-a-day challenge on Flickr. Also re-joined the photo-a-week challenge. I did a 365 challenge 10 years ago but haven't attempted one since. This is only for fun, so not a disaster if I drop out.
House: We want to have the kitchen re-done, but as yet we've not gone beyond the rough plan stage. I would like to do this in 2020 though.

Apart from the exercise and house improvements, the other goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound, so all are SMART goals that I will monitor as I go along. I have spreadsheets and Habitica for tracking progress and I'll post updates here every so often.

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