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I like the Dolmio bolognese sauce which comes in jars, but our local Co-op has, for some unknown reason, stopped stocking the particular flavour that we prefer, namely the one with a touch of chilli. So I switched to the Co-op's own brand sauce (is this why they stop stocking major brands?), which is fine and pretty much indistinguishable from the Dolmio version.


The Co-op sauce jars are really really difficult to unscrew. I have a pretty good grip and broad hands, so usually jars are not a problem, but these? I wrestle with them and even applying my usual solution, which is to pour boiling water over the metal lid to expand the metal and the small amount of air in the jar, it took 3 goes before the lid suddenly relented and decided to turn. So I decided to look for one of those gadgets that help you remove screw top lids. Lakeland had one that cost around £4.50 which just levered the lid slightly to break the seal and release the vacuum, but it was out of stock. They had another than cost £16.00 which covered and gripped the top and had an arm to give you more leverage. The reviews of the cheap gadget said it worked well, so I will not be spending £16, I'll be experimenting with our tin opener which also has a bottle opener hooky bit on it which should do the same job.

I'll try to remember to report back on whether it was successful.

I have managed to take 5 photos for the 366 photo-a-day project. I nearly forgot yesterday and so it was a last minute desperation shot. Ditto today, not because I forgot, but because it was Quaker meeting this morning, the weather was grey and gloomy and I didn't see anything photogenic on the very short drive to the village hall where we have our meeting. Yesterday's shot is too boring to share here, but here is the little owl screen cleaner that sits on my computer desk.

Owl screen cleaner copy

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