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Some stuff about me

I've seen various people answering these questions, so I'll give it a go. It does bring home the fact that despite sharing a language, US culture is very different to UK culture, though things have converged a little more since I was 17-18.

Class of: 1969
1. Did you know your current love? No. I met my husband G at university.
2. Type of car? Very very few people had cars at the age of 18. Boys in bands tried to find an older mate who had a clapped out van. We didn't even have a family car until after I left university.
3. What kind of job? I didn't have a part-time job though I did work in the Co-op biscuit factory during the summer between leaving school and going to uni.
4. Where did you live? Manchester.
5. Were you popular? No
6. Were you in choir or band? I was in the school choir, guitar group, recorder group and played folk music with my best friend.
7. Ever get suspended? No
8. If you could would you go back? Good heavens, no!
9. Still talk to the person that you went to prom with? What is this "prom" of which you speak? We didn't even have a school disco.
10. Did you skip school? No.
11. Go to all the Football games? Football is complicated. I assume this question refers to the school team's games, but I went to an all-girls school. If you're talking about professional football, I'm a child of a mixed marriage. Father's side were fanatical Man City supporters, mother's side were passionate about United. My brother played rugby and I sometimes went to support him. I also went to a few Bury football games.
12. Favorite subject? Up to O-level, my favourites were English and Geography. For A-level the subject I hated least was probably maths, though I found it very hard work.
13. Do you still have your yearbook? What's a yearbook?
14. Did you follow your career path? Ha-ha-ha! I've never had anything that really resembled a career.
15. Do you still have your high school ring? What's a high school ring?
16. Who was your favourite teacher? I liked Miss Lynch (English), Miss Smith (Chemistry and I also knew her through guiding) and Miss Reeves (music) who ran the choir and music groups.
17. What was your style? We had to wear uniform at school until the 6th form when we were allowed to wear our own clothes. Out of school my style was not very stylish, though I vaguely tried to follow fashion.
18. Favorite shoes? I honestly can't remember any specific pair.
19. Favorite food? Roast chicken dinner, probably.
20. Favorite band? I didn't really have a favourite. I liked folk music, Joan Baez, Steeleye Span, the Spinners, I listened to John Peel.
21. High school hair? Long and straight and parted in the middle.
22. What cologne/perfume? I can't remember a particular brand.
23. How old when you graduated? We didn't call it "graduating". That only applied to university. I left school at 17 with two grade Es at A-level and went to Bury Tech to re-take them.
24. Who do you think will play along and fill this out? I don't know. Do it if you want, ignore if it's of no interest.
25. What high school did you attend? North Manchester High School for Girls. (Note the "North". It was a normal council grammar school when I went there aged 11 and it became comprehensive in the mid-60s. Don't confuse it with Manchester High School.)
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