Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Possibly more productive today

It's been a rather scrappy day somehow, though a few useful things got done. I think I needed a quiet day after yesterday when I had an unaccustomed "late" night as I was out at the Merched y Wawr meeting until almost 10 p.m. Ten years ago I regularly didn't get home from work until 10.15 p.m. after setting off in the morning at 7.30 a.m., but even then it was getting a little too much and being made redundant was a blessing in disguise. Now I like to be heading for bed at ten, not leaving a meeting.

So this morning I did a Skype chat in Welsh with my Australian conversation partner. This is getting easier as we've discovered that, despite the age difference, we have lots in common, like a shared taste in books. After watching a couple of YouTube videos on how to make editing videos easier and eating lunch, I then finally finished off the crochet phone case. I added an edging to the flap that folds over to hold the phone inside, wove in the subsequent ends created by adding the edging and sewed on a button.

The next task was to make some dividers for the Spanish flashcards and actually start to practise with them. I know you can get various apps that do spaced repetition automatically, but I find I learn better with physical cards. The making of them and the handling while going through them seems to help the words stick. I'm in two minds whether to use Duolingo or not. It could be useful for vocabulary, though I don't think it will help with speaking.

The photo shows my flashcards, and a book I bought and haven't actually used because I'm working through the Say Something in Spanish challenges. I think the book should eventually be useful for reference and also vocabulary. Say Something in is great for sentence structures, but the vocab is rather limited. I think they assume that's the easiest thing to learn by yourself.


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