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Doing something completely different

You'll never believe it, but tonight I will be socialising with work colleagues. Yes, I know. Odd, isn't it? I've been to Christmas dinners with my fellow IT lecturers, of course, and end of year dinners, but that's not the same. This is a completely non-work related outing, something I've never done before. However, it sounded rather fun.

It was one of the NVQ assessors who planned it. They're the little team who go out into the workplace to see the people who are doing qualifications with our college whilst also working. And Christine decided that a Murder Evening would be a fun thing to do. But they're only a small team and so in order to get together a large enough party to ensure a table to ourselves, they threw it open to the IT department too. So I'm going to be Miss Marple for the evening. I mean not literally, it's not fancy dress, and I'm not actually quite that old yet, but I shall probably try the Miss Marple approach to finding out whodunit.

There will be actors and they will mingle with the guests and we can converse with them and they will drop Clues and at some point someone will be "murdered" and we then have to work out who the murderer was and why. This all takes place over dinner and as the NVQ team are a jolly lot, it should be quite lively.

As I have no desire for a 1½ hour drive back late at night, I'm staying overnight in the hotel, which is in a place called Rossett, just south of Chester. Driving to the hotel I was surprised at how quaint the village looked, so I might have a wander round in the morning before heading for home. The event starts at 7:30 so I have plenty of time to shower and change (I came here straight from work) before ambling down to find the rest of our crew.

But right now I have stories to critique for the Start Writing Fiction course, so I will do a few more before getting ready.

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