Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Wet playground


For some reason there were no children playing on the swings today! :-) It was only around 3 p.m. but it was very gloomy and very wet when I went to shop for food.

It was probably a bit bonkers to walk to the Co-op, but I'd chickened out of doing the Parkrunwalk this morning due to the fact that the rain was not only heavy but, because it was so windy, was pretty much horizontal. I spent the day sitting at the computer and wanted to do something active. I did the little old lady thing of taking the shopping trolley, so I could carry more stuff. It's also more waterproof than any of my shopping bags. As it's a Saturday and therefore an S-day on the No S Diet, I treated myself to a mug of hot chocolate when I got back home.

Wet playground
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