Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Stormy weather


The weather was much colder this morning, but I got to the Welsh class and back before it started raining. The weather this afternoon was horrible. The rain was heavy and we were battered by Storm Brendan. Some of the gusts were quite frightening and I could see the trees in the wood beyond the garden swaying in a scary way. It seems to have passed over a bit now and the wind has eased, than goodness.

Stormy weather

There were a few missing from Welsh class, but it's good to be getting back into a routine. We did a listening exercise and then had to change some sentences from positive to negative. I'm fine with colloquial Welsh, but struggled with some of the more formal forms. Of course when I'm speaking I don't try to say things I don't know how to say, so it is good to be stretched a bit.

This afternoon I fiddled around doing not very much, but then I created a thumbnail for the video I'm editing. I'm hoping that not only will this video look and sound better, but, by applying all the tips I've learned from YouTube videos on how to make your YouTube channel better, I can present it better and (with luck) get a few more views.

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