Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

My channel is looking a bit more professional

I spent a while today tidying up my YouTube channel and making it look more professional. The problem was that I'd had the channel since 2009 and it was initially just a place to upload snippets of video I wanted to share here as well as being a place to create playlists of useful videos, like crochet stitches or hula hooping moves

But of course now I want it to look like an interesting channel about exploring places in Welsh and using Welsh to do so.

Yesterday I made a better thumbnail for the new video (that I have still not finished editing) and today I made a banner photo for the channel and managed to add a featured video on my channel's home page and also created a playlist of "All the stations in Wales in Welsh". So far it contains two videos, but one has to start somewhere!

I still need to improve the text and titles, but the first priority is to get the next video edited and uploaded.

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