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Canon DSLR

It's a while since I read Julie Morgenstern's Organising from the Inside Out but one thing I do remember from that book (or possibly from her time management book, which I don't have any more) is that sometimes the subconscious mind knows that a task will take much longer than the conscious mind is claiming. I've often found this to be true, and the latest example is editing the video I shot a couple of weeks now. I had decided it would be nice to have it finished and uploaded by Saturday when there's a Say Something in Welsh meeting in town. I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to casually say, I have a new video up."

But conscious mind was being wildly optimistic. Subconscious mind knew this, but couldn't get a message up to conscious mind to tell it not to be silly. When this happens, it always leads to procrastination and I hadn't worked on the editing for days.

Anyway, today I realised the tricks my mind was playing on itself, accepted that there's no way the editing will be done by Saturday, told myself to just do half an hour on it and thus managed to unstick the project. It didn't take all that long to produce an outline of the script for the voice over and having worked out what I want to say, I can now get some actual script written tomorrow and carry on working on it over the weekend.

Daily photo 16/366

I haven't been out with the DSLR yet this year. The weather has been just terrible and the few decent days have occurred when I had to do other things. Here's hoping for some dry days before too long.

I've used the photo to make a new LJ icon for photography. The one I have used for many years was a picture of the Canon PowerShot which has now been replaced by the new Canon M50. Actually, all the photos so far this year (including this one) have been taken with my phone, but I chose the Huawei because it was supposed to have a good camera and it's handy and always with me if I'm out.

Canon DSLR

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